About Dog Republic

Dog Republic was created to become a place where the boundaries between dogs world and human world can vanish

We believe that by joining Dog Republic community you are stepping into a new relationship  with your pet, so… Welcome!

Welcome to a place where it is possible to:

  • learn Doggy Language and behavior to understand your dog better
  • train effectively without punishment
  • train through games and having fun together with your best friend
  • enrich your relationship even more

Dog Republic promotes spreading knowledge on modern dog training and dog behavior for owners and professional trainers

We offer a variety of services both for pet owners and professional trainers of all levels in three languages (English, Russian, Turkish). Scroll down to read more about positive training and Dog Republic’s trainer Ekaterina Chirkunova.

Who will be your trainer

Ekaterina Chirkunova

Medical school: Private psychotherapy counselling with interest in animal assisted therapy and human-animal bond research.

Graduate of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (general medicine), Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (psychiatry qualification), Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (psychotherapy qualification).

Dog Training and Dog Behavior Modification: pet dog training, behavior modification, assistance dog training, therapy dogs.

Training programs, seminars and courses: Dog Training and Behavior Modification (School of Applied Ethology), Animal Assisted Therapy Applications (University of New Hampshire), Dog Emotion and Cognition (Duke University), Animal Behavior and Welfare (University of Edinburgh). 

Proud of learning from Karen Pryor Clicker Training Academy, Ken Ramirez, Emma Parsons, Jean Donaldson, Kathy Sdao, Emily Larlham, Susan Garrett, Patricia McConnel, Grisha Stewart, Chirag Patel, Nicole Wilde, Malena DeMartini-Price, Claudia Fugazza, Pamela Johnson, Pat Miller, Sophia Yin and still continuing to learn from them and other world-known trainers and behaviourists.

How we train and what we train

Positive relationship-based training approach

Positive training is a modern scientific based approach to animal training and behavior modification. There is always a worthwhile reason for any behavior an animal performs whether it is moving ears as a reaction to the squirrel on a tree or for peeing on an owner’s favourite carpet. There is no need to invent explanations for so called “bad behaviors” like revenging an owner leaving home alone, being capricious about food or naughty because of an ill nature (bad character). Behavioral science had already explained all of it years ago. What is left to us is to learn the science, observe the behavior, understand dog’s basic needs and make a training plan that works for this particular dog. 

Positive training is all about mutual respect and attitude

We adopt dogs to experience this special deep love and dedication that they share with the owner, to experience dog’s endless happy and openminded attitude to this life. Each dog lover will agree if I tell you that a dog will make us better versions of ourselves as well as help us to maintain more active and healthy style of life. We believe that true friendship is built on mutual understanding, good attitude and respect to vital needs of both partners of the communication. So by promoting positive training we promote enhancing the quality of relationship between dog and its owner.

Positive training is effective yet has no side effects such as developing fearfulness or aggressivity in dogs

It is been proven that both humans and other animals learn better while playing. Work can be hard. Work can be boring. I mean… you probably know it better then me. We do learn much better and faster when we love doing what we are doing, when we feel inspired and happy, when our job is just the best playground in the whole world. While training positively we don’t work, we keep playing and discovering your dog’s unique personality.

There are many misconceptions about dog behavior, dog raising and positive training

No, you don’t need to train 1 hour a day to get a perfect dog. No, your dog doesn’t necessarily need to walk 6 hours a day. No, your dog might not benefit at all from fetching a ball game. No, your dog doesn’t need a big private garden to have a happy life… Yes, your super active terrier can be tired and sleep hours after 20 minute exercise. Yes, you may train without punishment and it doesn’t mean that your dog will be allowed to eat from your plate or dance on your head. Yes, you can handle your large dog without any shock or choke collars even if your dog is heavier then you… 

There are so many more misconceptions on dog training out there. What is true is that your dog is smart, it loves you and it loves to learn new things most of all in this world. So why not start using it all to your advantage?

You can train your dog whatever you want it to learn

  • general skills like sitting, lying down and coming when called on cue, walking nicely on leash without pulling, accompanying you in the cafe or while visiting friends and so on…
  • performing complex tricks and know really good manners like washing its paws after walk, drying its beard after drinking water or searching for your keys on cue 
  • participate in dog sports or even work as an assistant dog for handicap / a therapy dog for adults and kids
  • experience no stress at the vet office
  • experience no stress at groomer’s

Be creative. There’s almost nothing impossible.